30 September 2009 in Future of Publishing

24hourbookThis is what I’m going to be doing this weekend - The 24hrBook project, in collaboration with Spread the Word, CompletelyNovel.com,  if:book, and the Society of Young Publishers.  Taking the structure of a set of garden allotments, and the theme of gardening, we’ll have a group of writers on the ground, so to speak, in the Spread the Word offices, working on writing solo and collaborative allotments. We’ll also be hosting an Open Allotment, where anyone out there online during the 24 hours of Saturday 3 Oct 10:00 BST to Sunday 4 Oct 10:00 BST will be able to join in with the writing. We’ll be tweeting and blogging and mapping and photographing and videoing and drawing away during that period, so please do join us from wherever you might be.  Click on the link above or image to the left to go to the project homepage, and follow the links onward from there!

Once the 24 hour writing period is over, we’ll follow that up with a 24 hour editing period, and finish up with a 24 hour publication period, launching the finished product on Monday evening, 5 October.

Please join us in our efforts to write a 24hrBook!


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