A Curious Dream:  Collected Works

15 September 2011 in A Curious Dream

I have a new book coming out in Canada in October - A Curious Dream:  Collected Works.  This is a selection of previously published short stories alongside a dozen new stories, including two pieces of what I think of as near-memoir and a section on digital stories.

It’s been interesting putting the book together, revisiting my collections Tiny Lies, from 1988, the first book I ever published, and My Life as a Girl in a Men’s Prison, published in 1997.  Both books contain stories that seem like relics from ancient times - cassette tapes! going around to someone’s house because they don’t have a phone! - opening a weird window to my own past history as a writer.  The new stories include a series of linked stories all about the same character.  The collection is big, nearly 500 pages.  I do love the short story as a form, and it’s been great to have this chance to publish new work alongside older stories. 

You can buy the book in Canada from booksellers as well as online.


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