Banff and book tour

16 February 2010 in Future of Publishing

I’m off to the Banff Writers Centre for In(ter)ventions this week; so looking forward to spending time at the Writers Centre, to meeting folks there, and to seeing old friends, including Lance and Andi Olsen, writer and artist extraordinaire. 

Eh-List reading series, TPL

It’s great to be going back to Canada so soon after my numerous trips last autumn; it will be fun to be in the country during the Winter Olympics, and it will be great to further some of the work I’ve been doing with my publisher, booksellers, book clubs, and readers.  Winning the GG continues to provide huge opportunities for me, and I still can’t really believe it.  Maybe this time when I land at Calgary the immigration people will tell me it was all a big mistake, and I need to give back the leather-bound artist edition of the novel, the cheque, and all those photos of me and the GG. 

Next week I’ll be doing events in Canmore and Calgary, as well as Montreal and Toronto - including the ‘Eh-list’ reading series at the Toronto Public Library.  Check out my Events page for the details.


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