Been Away… Back Now

18 August 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing

I’ve been away and offline for more than three weeks… a dreamy summer vacation far away from the internet.  Now that I’m back I’m slumped in front of the keyboard, cross-eyed with e-mail, phone messages, diary dates…

I’ve never gone away in the midst of publication before; still not sure if it is a good idea or a bad idea.  The reviews started appearing and I didn’t know about them (except for the one stinker in The Guardian newspaper of course);  I wasn’t around to get wound up by the Antony Beevor article that slagged me off (also in The Guardian newspaper - more on that later); I wasn’t around to get wound up about the reviews that have yet to appear, the sales that have yet to be made.  Now that I’ve returned, and am back on the publication trail for the next couple of months, I guess these things will move to the forefront of my mind once again.  Or maybe not.  Maybe there will always be a part of me that is in the hammock under the olive trees.


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