Being Offline

7 November 2008 in Future of Publishing

I’m offline at lot more than usual these days for a variety of reasons, including the fact the wireless doesn’t reach my office yet.  That will (should) change on Monday when the engineer comes.  But I feel ambivalent about it - having an internet-free working space is such a novelty.  Somehow the office feels calmer and quieter without the internet…  I can look at the books I’ve decided to move into the office… my art books, my dictionaries… I can think about where to hang pictures, indeed, which pictures I want to hang.  I can stare at the big sky, and wonder when I’ll ever have time to sweep up the yellow leaves that are currently carpeting the ground.

A while back on Facebook I posted an update where I said I was tired of thinking and talking about the future of the book, that I was going to start thinking about the future of the boot instead.  That update drew amused and amusing comments from my FB friends.  I guess connectivity fatigue is something we all experience.

Yesterday I went to see the Mark Rothko exhibition at Tate Modern. His paintings are the only paintings I’ve ever seen that make me cry. They are so luminous and extraordinary it is almost too much to bear.


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