Boulder Pavement interview - September 2010

16 September 2010 in The Mistress of Nothing

In February 2010 I attended a digital media conference, Interventions, at the Banff Centre in the Rockies.  I had a fabulous week in Banff, although it was bizarrely, rather alarmingly warm - thick cardigan and scarf warm, no snow on the ground.  Although I grew up near Banff and have been there many times, I had never been to the Banff Centre and now I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for an opportunity to go back.

The Literary Arts team, lead by Steven Ross Smith, publish Boulder Pavement, an elegantly designed digital magazine of arts and ideas.  During the week Steven and I took some time out to record an audio interview for the magazine, and it is included in Issue 2.  It’s just over thirty minutes long.


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