Digital Stories Workshop - a sea change?

8 November 2011 in Future of Publishing

On Saturday 5 November, I ran a digital stories workshop at the Free Word Centre in London, for Spread the Word.  A really interesting group of people showed up for it, and we spent the day thinking about using technology to find new ways to tell stories, combining photographs and text, generating ideas and questions.

It was an enjoyable day, but for me it felt quite significant in that I thought the level of discussion had moved up a peg or two from workshops of this kind I’ve run in the past. 

This group of people was ready to talk, ready to collaborate, ready to think about what it really means to put text on a screen, what the possibilities are for combining text with other media.  I did not discuss publishing, digital publishing, and/or the digitization of books and, these topics did not emerge during the day.  Instead, the focus was firmly on thinking about new ways to tell stories, and how the participants could use technology to tell stories in their creative and working lives as writers, journalists, and editors. 

We collaborated as a group on a googlemap story - you can find it on the Digital Work page of this website. 

I showed a selection of digital stories to get us thinking and talking - those links are over on the Resources page of this website. 

One of the participants, Alexa Radcliffe-Hart, wrote a great blog post describing the day on her blog, Services to Literature.  Alexa is currently immersed in NaNoWriMo, so best of luck to her with that!


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