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10 May 2011 in Flight Paths Future of Publishing

Chris Joseph and I have been working with Andy Campbell of Dreaming Methods to create an app, and a web app, using the five existing digital stories from ‘Flight Paths’ along with additional material and a brand-new sixth story.  The app won’t be ready for a while yet, though in the meantime Andy has been working hard.

To kick off our project, Andy has been experimenting with the first story from ‘Flight Paths’, ‘Yacub in Dubai’; he’s created an open source version of it that is compatible with many devices and platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as all desktop computers.  This version gets round the problem that we’ve had with Flash not working on certain devices.  Here’s the link: http://labs.dreamingmethods.com/flightpaths/chapter1_open.html

This link to the latest Dreaming Methods newsletter also showcases several of Andy’s other projects, including his own Digital Fiction Boilerplate, which allows creators with some knowledge of HTML and Javascript to create works that are viewable across platforms and devices, including smartphones. 

As well as that, the newsletter provides a link to the Dreaming Methods mobile site. 

All very exciting and, indeed, ground-breaking, developments for our work on ‘Flight Paths’.


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