EBR publishes my Riposte to Curtis White’s ‘The Latest Word’

2 July 2012 in

EBR - the Electronic Book Review - has published my response to Curtis White’s essay, ‘The Latest Word’.

“In “The Latest Word” Curtis White sounds the death-knell for the possibility of art and literature in the high-tech charnel house we all inhabit now. As a writer who operates in the middle of the margin (I wrote a literary novel that won a prize; I write transmediatric digital fictions – oh god, what to call these things? - that are on syllabi), I am terrified by Curtis White’s erudite damnation, and that terror has the effect of making me lower my head and plough forward like the sturdy ox I know myself to be.

For me the future of writing has to be the future of literature – what else is there to care about, if not literature? And when I look up from my yoke toward the horizon I see endless potential, endless possibility. I see new works appearing online and via apps…”

Read More here and follow the links to White’s original essay.


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