Ex-Metchosin Resident Over-Excited

24 September 2009 in Lifelines The Mistress of Nothing

The Victoria Times-Colonist published a piece about me being on the longlist, ‘Ex-Metchosin Resident makes Giller longlist’.  The Vancouver Sun must have run something as well - I’ve been getting e-mails and tweets and FB messages from lots of people I haven’t heard from for ages congratulating me.  What a complete pleasure.

Most writers spend a lot of their life waiting.  I’ve blogged about the frustrations of this in the past here and here ; much of the time I’m waiting for other people to make decisions - what will my agent think of this new manuscript?  will the publisher buy this book project?, only nine months left until that book comes out.

Currently I’m enmeshed in what I’ve started to think of as A Big Wait, big not in terms of length, but in size.  This time round I’m waiting to find out whether or not I will make the shortlist of the Giller Prize.  But strangely, I don’t feel too anxious about this wait.  It is such an unexpected pleasure to be on the longlist, that I’m seriously enjoying this state.  In fact, I’d be happy to be on the longlist forever.

October 6th is when this idyll will come to an end.  It’s a bit like being on holiday; I want the next 12 days to go very very slowly.


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