Flight Paths Story One:  Yacub in Dubai

13 January 2009 in Flight Paths

Chris and I have been thinking about how to make ‘Flight Paths’ easier for people to contribute to.  It’s clear that most people find the format we are currently using for the project a bit impenetrable and a little confusing.  It’s still remarkably hard to find a simple system for curating multimedia content online.  Our project at the moment is to create five hot spots, or plot points, from the beginning of the story, in the hope that people will be able to respond to these.  They will be little flash movies.  The texts you see here are first draft scripts for these five little movies; the texts are brief because they will play on a screen, accompanied by sound and image.  Send your creative responses, comments or thoughts to me at kate (at) flightpaths (dot) net.  I’m also posting these stories here on my blog, one at at time, and you can comment here too.


I went to Dubai from my home because I heard I could earn good money.

There was one man in my village who had been working in the UAE; he was injured on the building site when a section of scaffolding fell on his foot.  He had a lot of stories about what life was like in the workers camps, so I knew what to expect.

I liked the look of Dubai; I liked the idea of living somewhere where everything was new.

The plane to Dubai was full of men like me, all ages, although I was one of the youngest.

When we landed we were transported to the camp where we were to live ?? the conditions were not good, worse than at home ?? too many men.

But, I was happy, and when I got to the building site the next day - two hours by bus either way - I was happier still.  I wanted to work.  Now I had a job.  Now I would be paid.


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