Flight Paths Story Two:  Yacub at the Airport

20 January 2009 in Flight Paths

Here’s another script from ‘Flight Paths’:

I told my family I was returning to Dubai.  I spent a long time over my good-byes.

My sister could tell that something was up, but I told no one my plans, not even her.  I found it hard not to cry.

At the airport, after passport control, I followed the instructions I had been given ?? for which I had paid ?? and found the unlocked door that led outside.

From the ground, the planes looked enormous, their lights blinking in the dusk.  The air stank of petrol and tyres.

I had less then fifteen minutes after darkness fell to find the correct airplane.
But I found it, and no one saw me, and I climbed up over the giant wheels and shimmied up the landing gear and folded myself onto the little shelf which was exactly where Aamer said it would be.


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