Flight Paths update March 09

24 March 2009 in Flight Paths

Thinking a lot about ‘Flight Paths’ at the moment and where-to-next with the project. As we get ready to relaunch it with the five new plot hotpoint/stories we’ve created, it is time to think about how to move forward as well.

We’ve had a patchy time with finding ways to encourage people to participate in the project.  We have had great luck with securing wonderful partners for the project, but it’s been tough to translate that into participation.  We have had a lot of fantastic contributions to the project to date, from new media works to pieces of text, photos, and discussion, but we want more, and we’ll be looking at finding new ways of encouraging people to contribute and/or participate.  But this aspect of the project hasn’t been, and never will be, easy. Socialising the other evening with three new media artists,  Randy Adams, Christine Wilks, and Chris Joseph, we spent a bit of time pondering the puzzle that is participation, mainly in terms of how difficult it is to come by. One of us wondered if, in terms of digital art and literature, it’s a bit of a red herring, a good idea in theory, but very difficult to actually pull off.

‘Flight Paths’ has participation at its heart; it’s been part of the process and purpose of the work since the beginning.  So we’ll continue to experiment with this aspect of the project, and to see how far we can get with it.

I’m also planning on doing a lot more writing for ‘Flight Paths’  over the next four months. Famous last words.


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