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16 December 2008 in The Mistress of Nothing

I know I said I was finished revising my novel, but it turns out not to be true.

Anyway, at the moment I’m obsessed with when is the right time to use ‘Omar and me’, and when is the right time to use ‘Omar and I’.  I was always confused about this, but I’ve become more confused because people use ‘Omar and I’ when they are trying to talk proper, when in fact, the correct usage is ‘Omar and me’.  ‘People’ in this case means my main character Sally, who is a Lady’s maid (I can’t believe I wrote a whole novel about a Lady’s maid, but that’s another story), and she likes to talk proper, so she’d be the type of person who would confuse ‘Omar and me’, with ‘Omar and I’ and use it incorrectly.  But in a novel where, generally, the rest of her English usage is perfectly fine, trying to get away with an incorrect ‘Omar and I’ to show that she doesn’t really talk proper, but just thinks she does, can’t work.  So now I’m completely confused about the whole thing, and will have to rely on a patient copy-editor to help me sort out the mess.

Happy days!


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