IFOA in Toronto

31 October 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing

I’ve been in Toronto all week at IFOA - the International Festival of Authors - and have had a fabulous time.  My events have gone well, and the festival is so completely hospitable and friendly with endless numbers of parties, dinners, readings, and general all round good will and generosity.  The GG nomination has meant that there’s been increased interest in my book, so there’s been a fair amount of press and even an interview for CBC News Network - we filmed in the Egyptian Antiquities section of the ROM, which was great fun. It’s not easy to get books on tv so this was a great boost for me; it will be shown in the entertainment segments on CBC sometime in the next week.

Toronto seems quite changed to me; it’s five years since I was last here. As always I find great food, great autumn colours, great neighbourhoods, great shopping, but since I was last here there are a bunch of new exciting buildings and the city seems bigger and more dynamic.  Of course I’m a complete outsider and know nothing, really, but I have a great time whenever I come here.  I hope it’s not another five years before I come back again.


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