Inanimate Alice and Mash-Ups

19 March 2009 in Inanimate Alice Rising Stars

My collaborators on Inanimate Alice and I are continuing to try to push the project on to other platforms and out through a variety of routes - at the moment we have plans for a book with a version for iPods, both looking possible as revenue streams.  Part of the goal of this on-going project is to find ways of creating revenue, something at which we have pretty much failed, apart from winning prize money from time to time.

One of the very gratifying (though completely non-revenue generating) developments over the past 18 months has been the way that IA has taken off in classrooms around the world, from primary to postgrad level.  And the other day I had a great thrill when I came across (via my Google Alerts) four Inanimate Alice episodes, created by a group of teenagers who have been categorised as hard-to-teach and slow learners.  These episodes are great - a combination of piss-take and actual new stories - really inspiring, and also hilarious!!!

If you are interested, here are the stories - they are mostly around 1 minute long.


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