Inanimate Alice, Episode 5

31 March 2009 in Inanimate Alice Rising Stars

Chris and I have started working on ‘Inanimate Alice, Episode 5’ at long last, so, hopefully, it should appear some time this year!  It’s good to revisit the story, and to think about how to ramp up the interactivity in episode 5 another notch from episode 4.

As well as this, I’ve got a proposal out for a new ‘Inanimate Alice’ development - fingers crossed on that.  More when I have it; a writer’s life is mostly composed of waiting for other people to say ‘yes’ or, more often ‘no thanks’.

Australian educator and digital fiction enthusiast, Angela Thomas, has been blogging about Alice lately…


alicia, 10 June 2009, 05:39 PM

you are great at inanimate alice it so cool i love it better then anything on the computer! lol x

Mr Wood, 30 September 2010, 07:17 PM

I just discovered your blog post about writing episode 5, although I see this blog post is from last year. When can we expect you next wonderful episode? As my students have just finished their own episode 5 they will be looking forward to experiencing yours.

Kate, 1 October 2010, 07:10 AM

Dear Mr Wood -

The work that you and your class are doing on ‘Inanimate Alice’ is really exciting.  Chris and I have done a fair amount of work on episode 5 already; however, production has stalled while Ian Harper explores ways of funding further episodes.  We really hope that we’ll be able to get back to work on episode 5 before too long, as the readership for ‘Inanimate Alice’ continues to grow every day. 

All best - Kate

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