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1 May 2012 in Inanimate Alice

The best thing about ‘Inanimate Alice’ is how it continues to grow and expand around the world as a pedagogical title.

A couple of weeks ago, on twitter, a teacher from St. Joseph’s College, Echuca, Victoria, Australia, posted a great photo of four students with the line, ‘Boys preparing their Inanimate Alice digital stories (cool stuff)’.  Years 5 and 6 at Redhills School in Exeter, Devon, UK, published a whole series of new episode 5s created using Photostory.  As well as that, the American social network for kids, Everloop, which has just won a Parent’s Choice Award , has included ‘Inanimate Alice’ as one of its partners; the Alice team has created a whole set of assets for Everloop, that only Everloop kids can see. 

In Australia, we are about to launch a series of digital photo-novellas, ‘Alice in Australia’.  These stories, commissioned by Education Services Australia, will chart the lives of Alice and her family during a year they spend based in Melbourne.  The stories are set in the time period between episodes one and two - so after Alice and her parents have left China, but before they move to Saudi Arabia.  All the digital assets of these stories will be available for teachers and students for mash-up and remix.  Here’s the url - but note that this will only work in Australia.  Sorry about that, rest of world. ‘Alice in Australia’ 

And, finally, at last, we have now got a timetable for the production and release of our own ‘Inanimate Alice: Episode 5’; after a long delay, this all new episode will appear before the end of 2012.  Hooray!


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