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1 October 2010 in Inanimate Alice

For a long time now the international pedagogical community around ‘Inanimate Alice’ has been growing, but recent days have seen a fresh outburst of activity.

Julie Call, a middle school reading specialist from Minneapolis USA, recently published a case study based on using ‘Inanimate Alice’ with teenagers. 

And Mr Woods, a teacher in New Zealand, has just published a wiki that tracks the progress of his class through reading ‘Inanimate Alice’ and creating their own version of episode 5.  You will find this episode at the end of the wiki resource. 

As well as this, John Warren of the Rand thinktank recently hosted a TeacherTalk webinar for iNACOL - the International Association for K-12 Online Learning ; you have to be a member of iNACOL to view the archive of this discussion. 

A few months ago here in the UK Gavin Stewart published a paper in the academic journal ‘Convergence’, ‘The Paratexts of Inanimate Alice: Thresholds, Genre Expectation, and Status’.

So, once again, Alice is appealing to educators and academics throughout the primary, secondary, and higher education sectors.

The Facebook group for ‘Inanimate Alice’ is also seeing a far amount of activity at the moment, and ‘Inanimate Alice’ is mentioned with steady frequency on Twitter - follow @InanimateAlice.

The readership for ‘Inanimate Alice’ is enormous now.  Here’s hoping the producer can find a way to finance more episodes.


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