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26 May 2012 in The Mistress of Nothing

Today I came across the Kindle highlights from ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ via the US Amazon site.  I’d never noticed this before.  The highlights are bits that readers have bookmarked in the text and shared with other Kindle readers.  My plan is to write a version of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ that consists of these highlights and nothing else.

And, in fact, Omar was master of his own household, however infrequently he was able to attend to it, while I was mistress of nothing. 
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I was not a real person to her, not a true soul with all the potential for grace and failure that implies. 
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“I’m not surprised, Sally Naldrett, to find you capable of this.” At the time I heard one meaning. Now I hear another. 
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But while all of this is true, it is a mistake to think that the people are so preoccupied with the Nile and its inundation of the land—an inundation that destroys while at the same time rebirthing—that they will continue to labor under the sun, oblivious to the passing of the centuries. Instead, they lie in wait, like a scorpion on a rock, like a crocodile among the reeds, and from time to time they rise up and they bite. 
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I hated her beautifully: my hatred was polished and hard and shiny and, truth be told, at times it sustained me. 
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Sometimes now I think that perhaps the disease was more responsible than my Lady herself for what she did to me. But the fact is that I had too much at stake to be quite that forgiving. 
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I loved Omar with an unexpected passion that opened the world, but I loved Abdullah in a way that was larger, fiercer, more complete than the world itself could ever be. 
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I screamed the night Abdullah was born; I made more noise that one night than I had during the whole of the rest of my life put together. But after that, I fell into silence. And that silence deepened and darkened and grew heavier and thicker, until my days were as dark and silent as my nights. 
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It did not occur to me that he might see marriage to me as useful in any way, as part of his plans for his future, an addition to his lengthy list of skills and accomplishments in life. 
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Why is the world full of people who see fit to dispense with others as soon as it suits them? But I stop myself from having these thoughts, from thinking these things, and I get on with the task at hand. I’m very good at getting on with the task at hand: it’s what suits me. 
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