Lifelines and Rising Stars

22 January 2009 in Future of Publishing Mentoring

Chris Joseph and I are currently in discussion with award-winnng educational publishers Rising Stars over a big new multimodal story project.  We are hoping to get the green light for this soon.  Rising Stars approach publishing in a radically different way than what I’m accustomed to; they do extensive market testing prior to commissioning all their projects.  They travel the country talking to teachers and giving seminars and presentations; they take stands at the important industry fairs; and they produce glossy brochures that outline the projects in detail.  They green light a project when they can make a seriously educated guess about how the project will sell to schools.  With our project, ‘Lifelines’, they’ve been going through this process over the past three months - so we are almost there, but not quite.

Chris and I produced a little promotional demo for them to show people; it’s up on their website now.  You can take a look at it here.


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