Lifelines for Rising Stars

22 April 2009 in Future of Publishing Mentoring

Chris and I have got the green light for our project to create 9 multimedia short stories for primary school kids with educational publisher, Rising Stars.  The project, Lifelines, will allow us to tell stories that are directly related to the Key Stage 2 curriculum, using text and image and sound.  They’ll have voiceover as well and so should be fully accessible for a big variety of readers.

This kind of publishing is a new departure for Rising Stars but with the rapid increase of use of Virtual Learning Environments and online educational content set to take place in classrooms over the next few years, they should be onto a good thing. There’s a short demo online at the link above.

Having been offline for the last couple of weeks, I’m slowly waking up to the online world again.  The Oxford Literary Festival future of the book discussion went well, once I got over the shock of seeing Philip Pullman in the audience.  Sunday Times columnist Bryan Appleyard told great stories of being plagiarised all over the world because his copy goes out on the internet; the irony is that he now knows when and where he’s being plagiarised because of the internet.

Meanwhile, in Canada, looks as though they’ll be electing a writer as Prime Minister next time there’s an election; the US have already elected a writer as President.  Maybe that’s the future of the book - we should all run for public office instead.


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