Line of Influence and Flight Paths

17 March 2009 in Flight Paths

flightpaths_logo_300dpismallJeremy Hight is currently curating an online exhibition where he is asking six artists to include a work of their own, plus a choice of works that have influenced them or that they, in turn, have perhaps influenced. He’s asked me to be one of the six artists; in turn I’ve asked Caitlin Fisher, Christine Wilks, and Renee Turner if we can include works by them.  I’ll post more information when I have it.

The exhibition kicks off shortly with the first featured artist - Vuk Cosic.  One month after that I’ll follow; my plan is for this to coincide with a relaunch of ‘Flight Paths’, based on the five short pieces, or plot hotpoints, that Chris and I have been working on for a while now. Four of these pieces are nearly finished; we are working on the fifth this week.

‘Flight Paths’ has been pretty much dormant since Christmas, and it will be good to get it back on track once again.


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