Look away, while I boast

12 January 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing

This came in from my editor just now, about my final rewrite of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’:

‘What a superb job of rewriting you’ve done!  I’m terrifically impressed with how your changes/ new dialogue has fleshed out the whole, and added immeasurably to the characters, and the dynamics between them.  I’ve had to read a speed and have about 40 pages to go before taking it to the copy-editor in Muswell Hill this afternoon.  But I much enjoyed living with Sally and Omar and Lady D this w/e.  So - give yourself a massive pat on the back!!’

I’m aware that this sounds like something I wrote myself, but it really did come from Ruth Petrie, my editor at Serpent’s Tail.  Yippee!!!  Does this mean I can stop worrying now, fourteen years after embarking on writing this book?  Probably not, but still, it’s a relief.


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