McGill Drop-Out Gets PhD FOR REAL!

9 January 2012 in

Back in July 2011 I underwent the Viva exam for my PhD by Published Works.  I passed, with minor amendments, which in the real world means I passed, but they wanted me to make a few changes to the essay, and to show those changes to the internal examiner within six months.  The changes weren’t vast, but they involved re-focussing the essay into three case studies built around three of my published works (The Mistress of Nothing, and and getting rid of some of the more ranty bits where I sounded off about trade publishing vs digital publishing, copyright, etc.

So, I spent time over the autumn re-drafting the essay, posting it off to the university between Christmas and New Year, and have just had word that the internal examiner is happy!  I’m happy she’s happy, and as for all of you, well, now you really will have to call me DOCTOR PULLINGER!!  I’m available for most surgical procedures (fiction only).  HOORAY!!


Pamsk, 9 January 2012, 04:30 PM

Congratulations, Dr Pullinger.  Suddenly I respect you!  Look forward to seeing “by Dr Kate Pullinger” on your future works.

Oh, and def twenty twelve

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