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20 January 2011 in

Having posted a rant last September on this blog called ‘Why I Still Don’t Have an E-Reader’, I now have an e-reader.  I was given the fancy glossy one - you know which one I mean - for my birthday just before Christmas.

And I have to say that I’ve found the transition from reading pbooks to reading on it pretty seamless.

The fact that this particular device offers a wealth of other entertainment opportunities hasn’t worried me too much.  I bought a novel on it, and I read the novel.  It wasn’t a particularly good novel, but it still held my attention throughout, even when I was in the midst of my worst spell of Angry Birds fever.  Doubtless I’ll buy more.  The temptation to buy stuff for this device, from books to content of all kinds, is huge:  really, it’s the ultimate consumer device as the way to get the most out of it is to buy more and more stuff to consume on it. 

It’s pretty.  It’s shiny.  The issues I mentioned in that earlier post still remain true.  But now that I have it, for me the biggest concern will be trying to figure out which books to buy for it, and which books to buy in hard copy.  If anyone has a formula, or a set of guidelines, for figuring out that one, please tell me. 

In other news, I posted a tweet the other day saying ‘Maybe someone will enable Flash on apple devices while Steve Jobs isn’t looking.’  A little bad-tempered joke on a Monday morning (and of course not unrelated to my new reading device).  This tweet was RTed, and then RTed some more; then William Gibson RTed it, and it got RTed more and more.  A tiny moment of twitter sunshine.  Then the darkness of broken web browsing closed in once again.


clyde, 21 January 2011, 01:52 AM

Phyl is having similar addiction issues! You might try the FREE app - Bubble Ball.  If that doesn’t help let Simon try it, since he likes puzzle things, you woun’t be able to use it for an hour.  It will give you a bit of a break!

Kate, 21 January 2011, 11:49 AM

Thanks for the tip Clyde, I’ve heard about this elsewhere, will definitely have to try it!

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