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1 September 2011 in Future of Publishing

Here I am in Melbourne where it is rather grey and chilly - I know it’s winter here in the southern hemisphere, but still, after all my years of hearing about Australian sunshine, you’d think the sun would deign to come out once or twice while I’m here.  Instead I’ve resorted to buying red tights and a brightly coloured necklace.  However, as I look over my shoulder now I can see that, in fact, the sun has come out today, so I’ll keep this short and then run outside to play.

I’m here for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.  I’ll be doing two events; the first takes place tomorrow and is a collaboration with if:book australia, the good folks who invited me over.  I haven’t met any of them yet, though of course I ‘know’ Kate Eltham and Simon Groth online, and we’ll be meeting up tonight for the first time.  Tomorrow we’ll be running BookCamp Australia, a day-long unconference on the subject(s) of what next for reading and writing.  I’m looking forward to a day of discussion and questions and talk, talk, talk, something that digital book people are always good at. 

On Saturday we’ll be doing a panel, ‘The Connected Book’.  At both events there’ll be people I’ve met online already, including a few educators who work with ‘Inanimate Alice’, so it will be great to put faces to names. 

It’s been great having a few days in Melbourne which strikes me as a fantastically liveable city, full of great bars and cafes and gardens and beaches and cool little shops and art and a multitude of peoples from all over the world - everything a city needs, in fact.


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