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13 February 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing

[caption id=“attachment_101” align=“alignleft” width=“188” caption=“draft cover of The Mistress of Nothing”]draft cover of The Mistress of Nothing[/caption]

Here’s a draft cover image for The Mistress of Nothing from Serpent’s Tail - it’s good, I like it.  Great colours, and the feluccas looks lovely. The woman isn’t quite right - her dress is the wrong period, my character, Sally Naldrett, would never have worn a dress that showed her bare arms; the book is set in the 1860s, not the 1920s.  But it’s a good start, something to show reps, bookshops, and other retailers.

This cover image, combined with the proofs, make it very plain that, yes, this book is finally going to be published, fourteen years after I first started trying to write it.


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