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4 December 2008 in The Mistress of Nothing

I’ve managed to get through the rewrite of my new novel, ‘The Mistress of Nothing’.  My editor, Ruth Petrie, had gone through the manuscript and made a series of excellent comments and suggestions, both large and small.  Nothing too large, thankfully, nothing structural; it’s the structure and voice and point of view of this novel that has given me such grief over the past 13 years or so. Luckily, by the time Ruthie saw it, I had solved most of those problems and am left with tightening things up, elaborating some points, adding dialogue, clarifying, making minor cuts and adjustments.  I hadn’t read the novel since Feb of this year, and having had a good long break away from it has enabled me to come back to it with a degree of freshness I wasn’t expecting.

At the moment I am typing in the corrections to the manuscript, having made all my changes to it with red, black, and blue pens on the printed manuscript.  Once I’ve done that, I’ll print it out once again and read it through one more time before sending it off to Serpent’s Tail here in the UK, and McArthur & Co in Canada.

Let the foreign sales pour in!  Let the prizes and accolades rain down! Let the supermarkets place mass orders!

Yes indeed.


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