Off to IFOA

23 October 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing


I’m off to Toronto in a few days for the International Festival of Authors - IFOA. Because of the GG shortlisting of my novel ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ (ahahahahahahahahahahahah ayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!), I’m going to be busy - three public readings and a bunch of interviews.  All very good.  IFOA is a great festival to attend as an author; they treat you very well.  Invited writers tend to stay on in Toronto for a week, so you get lots of opportunities to meet your heroes and make new friends in the infamous Hospitality Suite before and after the readings.

The run-up to going away, combined with the run-up to finding out which book will win the GG, is making me a bit crazy, very nervous and very excited. I’m spending even more time staring at my Tweetdeck than usual.

So!  Onward to Canada.  Yippee!!


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