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23 May 2011 in Future of Publishing

Today I submitted my Phd by Published Works essay to the printers.  I’ve been working on it over the past eight months - I’ve done it quickly.  And now I feel sick - truly,  like puking my guts out.  I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction to handing the thing over to be printed.

PhDs by Published Works are odd beasts - you take a selection of your own work and attempt to write about your practice in relation to those works.  The fact that I work in the parallel fields of fiction for print and born-digital fiction was useful for me, in that I was able to write an essay that looked at the similarities and differences between these two distinct modes of writing and publishing. 

My plan is to publish the PhD essay online once - if - I get through the Viva examination, which will be toward the end of July.  I’m looking at a few options for how to do that.  I’m interested in PressBooks and hope to talk to them about using their software as a platform for publishing a version of the PhD that will be open to comments and questions.

I think the way I feel now is down to a combination of factors - relief at getting it to the printers combined with anxiety over whether it is good enough; the ongoing stress over the uncertainty over whether or not DMU is going to renew my contract (I’ve been waiting to hear about this for the same amount of time that I’ve been working on the PhD, and time, and my contract, is about to run out); and just plain old nerves.  It’s been a very long time since I submitted work to examiners.  Of course, handing in a book to agents and publishers is a similar process, but somehow the whole thing about academic judgement feels very different.  I am, after all, a drop-out, so of course academic pressure isn’t something I’ve responded well to in the past.  Ha ha! I can hear all my students shouting, Now you know how It Feels!  Well, all sympathy, that’s all I can say. 



Pamsk, 25 May 2011, 03:57 PM

Its good to know that a successful author of many year’s standing still feels jitters and doubts like the rest of us.
(How secret do you think this blog is though?)

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