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19 August 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing

There’s a terrific review and an interview with me about ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ up on ‘Tales from the Reading Room’.  Litlove’s blog post appeared while I was away on holiday so I didn’t get the change to spread it about the web at the time, so am doing so now. There’s a nice set of comments at the end of the post, including one from an Egyptologist and another from someone who says reading my novel ‘The Last Time I Saw Jane’ was part of why he or she became a librarian!  Wonderful!



litlove, 20 August 2009, 09:48 AM

So glad you were happy with the response on my site - certainly loads of interest there in your wonderful novel.

I read the Antony Beevor piece and felt that he completely undermined his argument by saying it was okay for theatre to play with historical facts, but no other creative medium.  How can that possibly work? Is Shakespeare off the hook because he himself is part of history?

I also felt that you didn’t distort Lucie Gordon’s character but demonstrated the point at which her liberality and insight gave way to the conventions of her time, and the inevitable emotional backlash she must have suffered from being so abandoned by her family. There’s a world of difference between Hollywood’s appropriation of the second world war, for instance, and your literary fiction.

Kate, 20 August 2009, 09:56 AM

Thanks litlove.  I’m hoping that the Guardian will let me write a response to the Beevor piece.  He seems to be the only reader who feels that I’ve been unfair to LDG, and I guess that’s understandable, given he must feel he needs to defend his great-great grandmother’s reputation.  His distinction between live theatre and books seemed very odd, I agree.  Anyway, hopefully I’ll get my chance to reply, though if the Guardian aren’t interested, I’ll post a response here on my blog.

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