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16 January 2009 in Inanimate Alice Rising Stars

[caption id=“attachment_72” align=“alignleft” width=“288” caption=“An exhitition at Austin Peay State University”]An exhitition at Austin Peay State University[/caption]

Alan Bigelow has curated this gallery-based exhibition.  He has included ‘Inanimate Alice;  Episode One:  China’ in it.  This is a thrill for Chris and me; we’ve been included alongside some wonderful work. The online iteration of the exhibition is elegant and interesting.

Alan is a talented digital writer; you can find his work at www.webyarns.com His most recent work, ‘My Summer Vacation’ is a terrific piece of digital fiction that uses audio files and multiple points of view to tell a simple, dramatic story.  I met Alan last May when I attended the ELO Conference in Vancouver, Washington; we’d been conversing online for a couple of years by then and it was great to meet him in the flesh.  I find that when you meet people for real after knowing them online the experience is almost always completely fascinating; people are always just like they are online, except better.

I have no idea where Austin Peay State University is though, apart from the fact that it is in the US.  The show is in a physical gallery space, but for me it exists only in cyberspace.


alan bigelow, 16 January 2009, 06:47 PM

Hi, Kate—

Thanks for this post! It’s great to have your and Chris’s work in the show!

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