The Mistress of Nothing - American advanced reader’s copies

27 May 2010 in The Mistress of Nothing

Today I received 8 copies of Touchstone Fireside/ Simon & Schuster’s Advance Reader’s Edition of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ in the post.  Here’s a photo of them on my desk.

To date the publication process of this American edition of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ has been so interesting.  The attention to detail over the manuscript itself was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  The ms went through two stages of copy-editing, the first for typesetting and Americanisation of the text, the second for proofing, and that in itself was an eye-opener.  And these Advance Reader’s Editions (in the UK these are called ‘bound proofs’) are lovely - it’s a very very nice bound paperback edition of the book, ‘not for resale’, full colour front and back covers - the only thing to distinguish it from a rather nice trade paperback edition is the slightly cheaper paper.  I can’t wait to see the actual hardcover edition!!!  It is going to be a thing of beauty! 

Pah to audio enhanced mutlimedia ebooks!  What was I thinking?  These Advance Reader’s Editions smell lovely!


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