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5 May 2009 in Books Written by Me The Mistress of Nothing

‘The Mistress of Nothing’, which comes out in mid-July in the UK, October in Canada, is featured as one of 22 Editor’s Top Picks at The Book Depository.  It’s great to see it there, and I hope it stays there until the book is actually available to buy!!  Still, you can pre-order it, and there’s a countdown on the website - only 65 days to go!!!  Place your orders now!

The book is up on Amazon already too… so if you want to pre-order, please do!!

I don’t know that I’ve ever pre-ordered anything ever; my son pre-ordered the new Percy Jackson yesterday, but it comes out today, so that doesn’t really count.  The publicist from my UK publisher told me the other day that orders from bookshops are way down; according to her, the upside of this dire situation is that returns are way down as well - I guess if retailers don’t order the book in the first place, they don’t have to send it back when it doesn’t sell.  Returns:  bad.  Pre-orders:  good.

Oh the joys of book publishing.


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