Those January Blues

15 February 2010 in Books Written by Me

(I’m copying this from my old blog to my new one as we prepare to launch the new website)

January has been tough so far, though compared to most of the world (Haiti, Pakistan, etc), these things are relative.  Lots of seasonal illness in my immediate family, kids too-sick-for-school lined up to take their place on the couch under the duvet.  And although I’ve been working hard since the beginning of the month, I still have that post-Christmas holiday sense of how did I get here/what is it I’m supposed to be doing/wouldn’t I rather be under that duvet?

I have, however, started to think about starting a new novel.  When I finished The Mistress of Nothing there was a big part of me that felt like it might be a good idea to never write another novel ever again.  That book was painful to write.  It took me so damned long.

But, as faithful readers of My Secret Blog know, I won a prize for it.  And, the downside of winning the prize is that, I’ll admit it now, it has encouraged me.  I am going to write another.

However, I may be some time.


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