Two Thousand and Twelve, or is it Twenty Twelve?

6 January 2012 in Mentoring

A new year.  This week I’ve found the idea of a whole new year rather exhausting.  My family and I went into deep hibernation after Christmas - a full week of doing pretty much nothing at all, blissfully - and I’ve found the whole emerging-blinking thing rather hard.  2011 was a good year; I was still riding the GG wave for the first half of the year (that was a big wave, and it lasted a long time), and the second half of the year washed away swiftly.  What’s with these similes?  See - I’m not really awake.

But now we’re in 2012.  I’ve got a few goals.  I’m going to finish my new novel.  I’m going to work with Andy Campbell on our digital fiction Duel which we’ll launch in November at the ELMCIP conference and exhibition.  I’m not going to travel as much.  I’m hoping my PhD amendments will be passed by the internal examiner so that at long last I can lord it over everyone by making them call me Doctor.  I’m going to figure out how to get my backlist published as ebooks.  The three grant applications I’m involved with will all be successful and then I’ll have work coming out of my ears.  The various Inanimate Alice projects I’m involved with will come to fruition. 

From next Monday I’ll be teaching a weekly class as part of the Guardian/UEA masterclass series.  It’s a six month course called ‘How to Tell a Story’.  I’ve got 12 students for this, and I’m looking forward to getting started.


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