Various reviews of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’

20 August 2009 in The Mistress of Nothing

There’s a good review today in the Independent newspaper of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’.

It has been odd being published this time of year - a first for me - and heading off on holiday as the reviews began to appear.  This time round reviews have appeared across a big range of publications fairly promptly; with ‘A Little Stranger’ reviews were slow to appear, though they did eventually.  Perhaps this is down to the subject matter, Egypt, and Lucie Duff Gordon.  The book looks good, so maybe that helps too.  I don’t have any real sense of how it is going in terms of sales, and actually getting it into the shops.  Several people have mentioned to me that they’ve had e-mails from Amazon suggesting they buy it.

There’s been a number of reviews in places that don’t put these reviews online - ‘Good Housekeeping’, ‘Red’, ‘Saga’, ‘Sainsbury’s Magazine’, plus a few others.

The newspapers, of course, do put everything online, and I’ll list all these links over on the Mistress of Nothing page on this blog - use the link above to get to that page.


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