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22 May 2009 in Future of Publishing Surveillance Suite The Mistress of Nothing

As the publication of ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ creeps nearer here in the UK, I’m organising a virtual book tour with my publicist at Serpent’s Tail in the UK, the lovely Rebecca Gray, and at McArthur & Co in Canada, the bewitching Devon Pool.

monfinal My image manipulation skills are so poor - but this is the final version of the cover - the woman has sleeves!  Yes!

I stole the idea of a virtual book tour from Elizabeth Baines, so thanks to Elizabeth for that!

To date we have five bloggers who have expressed an interest in reading the novel and interviewing me for their blog.  They are as follows:

Tales from the Reading Room
Inside Books
Book Army

Echo Soundings - Sarah Hymas

Keeper of the Snails

If you have a blog and are interested in reading the book and talking to me about it, send me a mail - katepullinger (at) btinternet (dot) com.


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