Waving at the Gardener

12 March 2009 in

waving_at_the_gardener2009 sees the publication of two books for me, my novel, The Mistress of Nothing, and the Asham Award anthology, Waving at the Gardener.  I’ve been associated with the Asham Award for a number of years now, and this will be the fourth story anthology I’ve edited for them.  The amazing thing is that the quality and standard of the stories has grown every year (every two years, in fact, as the competition is biannual).

From hundreds of submitted stories, twelve winners are chosen; these are published in the anthology alongside four commissioned stories from established writers.  I get to edit the stories, commissioned and winning, which means I read the stories and send the writers a set of comments and feedback for them to reject or accept.  Some stories need more editing than others, but this year all the stories are really good, with a fascinating tranche of older women writers emerging.

I finished editing the collection today!  Bloomsbury will publish in September.


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