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Reviews & interviews

BBC Radio 4 Front Row, 19 June, 2014

On Thursday 19 June, 2014, I was on Front Row, BBC Radio 4, discussing my backlist, Landing Gear, and self-publishing (though mostly self-publishing).  Here’s a link to the eight minute podcast.  This should work outside the UK as well as in the UK.

FutureBook on 'Gearing up for #FutureBookHack' - Porter Anderson, June 2014

Here’s a piece from the always wonderful Porter Anderson - in advance of the publishing bookhack The Bookseller put on in London last weekend, a report on the bookhack Meghan MacDonald and I participated in last October in San Francisco.

CBC's Canada Writes: How I Wrote Landing Gear - June, 2014

Here’s an interview/article on how I wrote Landing Gear from Canada Writes:

The idea for Landing Gear grew out of a newspaper article that I first read a long time ago now, in 2001. It was a report on a body that had landed in a supermarket car park in West London, not that far from where I lived, and the article went on to explain about how there’s a myth in certain parts of the world that you can get into the hold of an airplane by climbing up to the landing gear. And people pay, they pay sort of fixers to get them through an airport so that they can stow away in the landing gear….

Full article here

Times Record New - Wichita Falls, Texas: first American review of Landing Gear

A few years ago a volcano in Iceland erupted and the lives of thousands of people were put on hold for a long stretch of days. The immediate impact was a fog of volcanic ash over most of Europe. All air traffic in the British Isles ceased. No one could go anywhere until the skies cleared up. Author Kate Pullinger uses this well-known event as the basis for “Landing Gear: A Novel,” which follows the eruption’s fallout on one British family.

London businessman Michael, like many other travelers, was delayed for two weeks when he tried to return home to London from a business trip to New York. So he went to visit a former lover in Canada. In London, his wife, Harriet, used the absence of other traveling TV broadcasters to get a chance to move from her radio host position to a new on-air television reporter at work. Jack, their teenage son, took advantage of his parent’s absence to get involved with a wild, drug-influenced crowd at school. It was a time of confused chaos for the entire family.

Then one day, something fell out of the sky that would change all of their lives forever.

Yacub, a Pakistani worker who had escaped from a Dubai labor camp, decided to stow away in the landing gear wheel well of one of the first planes back into London. He miraculously survives the danger of this stunt only to fall from the plane when the landing gear opened, landing right on top of Harriet’s car in a supermarket parking lot. And survives!

So what does one do with a person who has crushed the top of your car? Well, Harriet took him home, cleaned him up, fed him and voilà! A “new cousin” from Pakistan has joined the family — or that’s what Harriet, Jack and Michael tell their friends. And suddenly, all their emotional family problems seem a little trivial compared to Yacub’s experiences.

Pullinger does a magnificent job of pulling together the stories of Harriet’s family and their new visitor in “Landing Gear.” Taking a story that brings to mind recent news headlines and is based on actual events that have occurred in London, from the present to the past and back again, Pullinger’s characters come fully and dramatically to life as the story progresses. She even adds a mysterious element to the tale with the frequent appearances of Emily, a girl trying to find her biological mother, who thinks Harriet is the one. Surprisingly, it’s Emily’s help that finally gives Harriet’s family and Yacub some peace and closure to many of their problems.

There is no doubt that Pullinger’s writing talent should shine with “Landing Gear.” She is well-known as the co-writer, with movie director Jane Campion, of the novel of the Academy Award-winning movie, “The Piano,” and has won many awards for her own writing. A jewel in Pullinger’s crown, “Landing Gear” is a fascinating story that those who love fiction with a modern twist will enjoy immensely.

Stylist - This Summer's Best Beach Books and Holiday Reads, the website for the hugely popular free magazine, Stylist, has done a list of the 25 best summer reads - an included Landing Gear on it! This is great news the book in the UK.

The Afterword Reading Society at the National Post reads Landing Gear

The Afterword Reading Society is an innovative approach to a reading group that pulls readers into interacting with a newspaper review page with the promise of free books. Set up by the always interesting Mark Medley at the National Post, it’s a great feature for any book.  The group of readers who read Landing Gear asked great questions.

Take a look at the glorious full-colour spread with all its graphs, pie charts, and the grade the society gave the book - looks great on paper, looks even better online!

49th Shelf Landing Gear Q&A with Kerry Clare

The 49th Shelf, Off the Shelf Canadian book blog and website, asked me to do a Q&A with Kerry Clare.

Here’s a sample:

49th Shelf: Okay, regarding the suspension of disbelief: maybe I don’t give you enough credit. Did you have anything to do with that American teenager who stowed away in a plane’s landing gear on a five-hour flight from California to Hawaii? The most excellent publicity stunt ever?

KP: Ha! I told a journalist the other day that the boy was my son, and that I had paid him with a bag of chips while omitting to tell him what was really entailed. I’m going to Hawaii to fetch him later this week. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! Bizarrely amazing timing though, that’s for sure. And, of course, an extraordinary true story is gradually emerging there.

Interview with Jamie Portman, PostMedia

The journalist Jamie Portman came down from Ottawa on the train and interviewed me while I was in Toronto in April. The subsequent profile, which is wide-ranging and interesting, was syndicated in a number of PostMedia newspapers, including the Edmonton Journal and the Regina Leader-Post. 

Her eclecticism is part of who she is.

Thanks to Jamie Portman for this lovely profile. Here’s a link to the Regina Leader-Post.

Landing Gear on Elle Canada's Hit List!

Have always loved Elle magazine, so am very pleased to see that Landing Gear has made the cut and is on the Hit List for May.

MUST-READ Kate Pullinger’s Landing Gear is a layered story about how we connect to one another (from flights to Facebook), but, ultimately, it’s a tale about what happens when secrets starts to unravel.

Landing Gear: more reviews in Canada

Despite the many serious things that happen in Landing Gear, the novel is a humorously light-hearted read with many laugh-out-loud moments…Landing Gear is truly a 21st century story about holding onto family and secrets in the Internet age.
Safa Jinje - full review in the Toronto Star

In an utterly modern, spare novel, author Kate Pullinger gives readers an accurate, insightful glimpse at the world today.
Tracy Sherlock, full review in the Vancouver Sun and syndicated. imaginative story of life’s strange and surprising connections.
Everything Zoomer - Five New Hot Books for April -

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