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Reviews & interviews

Landing Gear in Chatelaine Magazine

I always loved Chatelaine - and now here’s a lovely short review of Landing Gear in the May 2014 edition.

Landing Gear in the National Post

Here’s a wonderful review from Philip Marchand in the National Post - 11 April, 2014

Her narrative is buoyant and engaging, her tale beautifully crafted.


LETTER TO AN UNKNOWN SOLDIER was featured at the press launch of the 2014 programme of 14-18 NOW artists’ commissions to mark the centenary of World War One.
I was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (interview at approx 2 hours and 24 minutes).
There’s a piece in the Guardian newspaper, as well as piece on the BBC’s news website.

Landing Gear - Doubleday Canada Press Release

Here’s the press release with some wonderful quotes on LANDING GEAR.


Landing Gear in Booklist

The review will appear in the April 1st issue.

Pakistani migrant worker Yacub is desperate to escape the poverty and violence of Karachi. That’s how he ends up falling out of the landing gear of an airplane as it makes its way over London. He lands on the rooftop of Harriet’s car. His survival is miraculous on a number of levels; not only does he survive the fall but he also effects a profound change in Harriet’s family. Harriet, fired from her media job and relegated to filling her days with endless trips to the supermarket, suddenly has a meaningful project as she throws herself into helping Yacub acclimate; Harriet’s teenage son, Jack, who has met with disaster on the social scene, finds Yacub to be a charming companion; and Harriet’s husband, Michael, wracked with guilt over his affair on a business trip, finds that mentoring Yacub will usher him once again into his wife’s good graces. Then there’s Emily, who captured Yacub’s fall on camera and finds she has a surprising connection to Harriet’s family. Pullinger (The Mistress of Nothing, 2010) employs a luminous style in this affecting portrait of loneliness and communion.
— Joanne Wilkinson

First Reviews of Landing Gear

Quill & Quire - Canada’s foremost book industry publication - gives Landing Gear a starred review.  This wonderful review is written by Angie Abdou and may be perhaps the best review I’ve ever received! Other pre-publication reviews have appeared in print-only editions of Canadian Living and, in the USA, Booklist. Huzzah!

The Hazlitt Offensive - a list of q's with my answers

13 questions from The Hazlitt Offensive, wherein I embarrass myself by trying to be down with the kids.

The Visitors by Sally Beauman; Guardian Review, 8 March 2014

Here’s a review I wrote in the Guardian about Sally Beauman’s novel, The Visitors. It’s about a girl who witnesses, almost, Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

Porter Anderson on Books in Browsers IV - 31 Oct, 2013

Here’s a great piece by Porter Anderson in Publishing Perspectives that discusses the big ideas from Books in Browsers IV and work done on the BiB publishing hackday.

Lubica Cekovska's 'Dorian Gray'

Here’s a nice piece from the magazine of the opera’s publisher, Barenreiter, on ‘Dorian Gray’.

Another piece appeared in The New York Times, on 13 November, 2013.

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