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Reviews & interviews

More on The Mistress of Nothing

While in Ottawa the last week of November, 09, I did an interview, about winning the prize and writing the book, with Nigel Beale for his website and radio broadcast.
I’ll be blogging about publication throughout the year; to read my posts about ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ click on ‘The Mistress of Nothing’ under Categories in the right-hand sidebar.  This will bring together all the posts about the book, the virtual book tour, as well as any materials for reader’s groups.

Please let me know what you think of the book by e-mailing me, or posting a comment here on my blog.

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You can go directly to my virtual book tour interviews from these links:

Echo Soundings, Sarah Hymas – interview
Book Army – interview
Inside Books – interview (for review see below)
Writing Neuroses – review and interview combined
Adventures in Words – interview (for review see below)
Keeper of the Snails – review and interview combined
Tales from the Reading Room – review and interview combined
Essential Writers – interview (for review see below)
There’s a Q&A with me on the subject of the virtual book tour in the Observer newspaper.
Here’s a podcast of an interview I did with Sheila MacKay on CBC Radio’s North by Northwest, broadcast Sunday 18 October, 200: 
I wrote a piece for the Independent’s ‘Book of a Lifetime‘, 24 July, 2009
I recorded a short reading for Echo Soundings/ Sarah Hymas; she has put it up on YouTube with a slideshow of images from Egypt:

To date, reviews of the book have appeared in:

‘Good Housekeeping’ (’scorchingly powerful’) and
‘Sainsbury’s Magazine’ and ‘The Times’
‘Red’, ‘The Gloss Magazine’, ‘New Books’, and ‘Saga’;
‘Metro’ newspaper (’sumptious’)
online at Rob Chilvers Adventures With Words.
Other reviews are at
Culture (Sunday Times Supplement), Aug 9 2009
Daily Mail, July 31 2009
Guardian (Saturday Review), Aug 1 2009
Independent New Review (Supp. To Independent on Sunday), Aug 2 2009
Independent Book of the Day, 20 August, 2009
Inside Books, 25 August, 2009
As well as these, Antony Beevor wrote a piece for the Guardian newspaper expressing his distaste for novels like mine, which he calls ‘faction’.  I’m hoping to be able to publish a reply in the Guardian.
Essential Writers, 13 October, 2009
The Bookbag, 30 July 2009
Canadian reviews are also appearing:
The Globe & Mail, 14 September 2009

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