I’m on telly

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Here’s a link to CPAC and the programme, ‘On the Bright Side’, which features an interview with me by Heather Seaman.  I’m there in the first five minutes, with my straightened hair and in my fancy dress, on the night of the GG award ceremony in Rideau Hall.  Also, you get a good view of Michaelle Jean, the GG herself, in her lovely dress.

Watch the video here.

I’m still over-excited about all of this, but I guess that’s to be expected.

Governor General’s Award for Fiction for Kate Pullinger’s ‘The Mistress of Nothing’

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governor general's award

One of Canada’s most prestigious literary prizes goes to Kate Pullinger…

Talking about Flight Paths at ‘The Network as a Space and Medium for Collaborative Interdisciplinary

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Chapters and Me and Jess

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Here’s my lovely niece bigging it up on Saturday night in Vancouver.

On the wall display my book was posing next to Sarah Palin’s.

Empire of the Word

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A four-part documentary called ‘Empire of the Word’ is currently screening on TVO in Canada.  Made by Mark Johnston, it’s a look at the history and future of reading.  Chris Joseph and I participated in the fourth part, which will air on Wed 16 December; you can also view the parts online.

As well as the tv series, Nomad (Johnston’s production company) also commissioned an online game to take place while the series is being screened. While I was in Toronto for IFOA, I did a little video interview with them for the game website, and that video is available to view now.  Click here then click on the tab ‘Authors on Freedom of Speech’.  My hair’s a mess, but it’s okay otherwise!

Audio interview with Nigel Beale

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While I was in Ottawa last week I did an interview with Nigel Beale for his website and radio broadcast.

Here’s a link to that page of Nigel’s website.

The Governor General and Me

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Rideau Hall, 26 November, 2009.  Straight hair, hired dress, Kim my publisher in the background.  Truly memorable evening.