More from Banff

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I’ve had a great week here in Banff, from the completely compelling In(ter)ventions conference to the experience of being at the Banff Centre itself.  Of course being in the Rockies makes me think of my Cranbrook childhood, though I do not ever remember it being this warm and sunny and snow-less in February.

We saw a lot of inspiring work over the four days of the conference:  highlights for me included work by David Jhave Johnston, Roewan Crowe, Fred Wah, Steve Tomasula, J.R. Carpenter, and D Kimm.  (I’m finding the network here a little slow so will put up the urls at a later date.)

Yesterday I did a talk at the Banff High School for 50 Grade 9s (14 yrs old).  I showed bits of ‘Inanimate Alice’, including a couple of the episode 5s that have been created by other students, and encouraged them to create their own versions of Episode 5. 

The other evening I went to a fabulous performance, ‘The Idea of South’, an improvised score on piano by Simon James Phillips, accompanying ‘South’ the film compiled from Frank Hurley’s photographs and film footage of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to Antartica, when the Endurance was trapped and then crushed by sea ice. 

Tonight I’ll be speaking in Canmore, just down to the road, for Cafe Books (more details on the Events page).

Here in Banff

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Here in Banff the sun shines all the time and it is so warm you don’t have to wear a coat in the afternoon and all the snow has melted.

Banff and book tour

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I’m off to the Banff Writers Centre for In(ter)ventions this week; so looking forward to spending time at the Writers Centre, to meeting folks there, and to seeing old friends, including Lance and Andi Olsen, writer and artist extraordinaire. 

Eh-List reading series, TPL

It’s great to be going back to Canada so soon after my numerous trips last autumn; it will be fun to be in the country during the Winter Olympics, and it will be great to further some of the work I’ve been doing with my publisher, booksellers, book clubs, and readers.  Winning the GG continues to provide huge opportunities for me, and I still can’t really believe it.  Maybe this time when I land at Calgary the immigration people will tell me it was all a big mistake, and I need to give back the leather-bound artist edition of the novel, the cheque, and all those photos of me and the GG. 

Next week I’ll be doing events in Canmore and Calgary, as well as Montreal and Toronto - including the ‘Eh-list’ reading series at the Toronto Public Library.  Check out my Events page for the details.

My new website!!

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Kate's old website

My current website is nearly ten years old, which is practically written-on-papyrus in this day and age.  It was designed by Simon Mills, whom I met through trAce, and with whom I work at DMU.  When he built it, mouseovers were very cool.  I’m still fond of the red and the black, and the white on black aesthetic overall, but it was time for a change.

I’ve gone for a much airier, brighter look, and have integrated the blog into the actual website.  There are other new sections, most notable of which is, for me, ‘WMD – a revision’.  More on that project later.

The site was built for me by John Biggins at Aerta.  It’s a fairly complex site, as far as writers websites go, and he’s done a great job.  I managed to crash the entire new site yesterday when I uploaded a massive photograph without bothering to resize it.  Still!  Looking great!

Those January Blues

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(I’m copying this from my old blog to my new one as we prepare to launch the new website)

January has been tough so far, though compared to most of the world (Haiti, Pakistan, etc), these things are relative.  Lots of seasonal illness in my immediate family, kids too-sick-for-school lined up to take their place on the couch under the duvet.  And although I’ve been working hard since the beginning of the month, I still have that post-Christmas holiday sense of how did I get here/what is it I’m supposed to be doing/wouldn’t I rather be under that duvet?

I have, however, started to think about starting a new novel.  When I finished The Mistress of Nothing there was a big part of me that felt like it might be a good idea to never write another novel ever again.  That book was painful to write.  It took me so damned long.

But, as faithful readers of My Secret Blog know, I won a prize for it.  And, the downside of winning the prize is that, I’ll admit it now, it has encouraged me.  I am going to write another.

However, I may be some time.