Flight Paths: A Networked Novel - NEW EPISODE!

8 June 2012 in Flight Paths | Comments (0)

Flight Paths: A Networked Novel, my on-going project with Chris Joseph, has a brand-new, sixth, episode!  Hooray!  This episode, as brief as the others, takes up the story of Yacub, who has landed on Harriet’s car in the supermarket car park, and introduces him to Jack, Harriet’s teenaged son.  Go to the website, and click on ‘Jack meets Yacub’.

As I’ve mentioned in my blog posts about my two current works-in-progress, the digital fiction ‘Duel’, and the novel ‘Our Stuff and Our Things’, I’m continuing to develop the story that begins in ‘Flight Paths’ on other platforms.  Both ‘Duel’ and ‘Our Stuff and Our Things’ have grown out of ‘Flight Paths’; the scene in this sixth episode, ‘Jack meets Yacub’, is also described in the novel.