Our Stuff and Our Things no longer:  welcome to Landing Gear

11 October 2012 in Our Stuff and Our Things | Comments (0)

Three people have now read my new novel-in-progress, and everyone seems to be in broad agreement - it’s ready.  However, two of these readers had difficulties with the title (including my agent).  They both felt that ‘Our Stuff and Our Things’ sets up certain expectations - quirky, urban, young people, or quirky, urban, family saga.  The truth is that my novel is those things, but it’s also weirder than that.  I want to the book to work, obviously, and the title for any novel is crucial.  So… Landing Gear has arrived.  I think it probably works better.  I think.  We’ll see.

I’ve had a website built for the new project, a kind of umbrella site that pulls together my digital fiction ‘Flight Paths’, the novel ‘Landing Gear’, and my new digital fiction collaboration with Andy Campbell, ‘Duel’, explaining how these three fictions work together to tell a larger story.  The main purpose for this website, at this stage, is to have a page that my agent and I can show publishers and anyone else who is interested in this project.  It’s not for readers yet, not really - ‘Flight Paths’ has its own website, ‘Landing Gear’ is not online, and ‘Duel’ is represented by the project’s blog only for the time being.  The project overall has retained the title, ‘Our Stuff and Our Things’, but if that proves to be too confusing, that will change too. 

So, if you are a publisher, and you want to take a look at this project, the novel and the prototype first episode of ‘Duel’, you know where to find me.  Or, if you don’t, find the project here.