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My agent in Toronto loves the new book!  So, watch out all you publishing people, ‘Landing Gear’ is lifting off!  Hooray!

MIX Digital - Call for Papers and Presentations

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The MIX Digital Call has been extended to 31 January, 2013

Text on Screens; Making/Discovering/Teaching


Bath Spa University/The Writing Platform Conference, Corsham, England, 15-17 July, 2013.

Deadline for Abstracts: 31st January, 2013

Submit to Lucy English:

After the success of MIX 2012, Bath Spa University is co-hosting a second MIX DIGITAL conference, in partnership with The Writing Platform. This small-scale, intimate series of events will take place over three days at BSU’s Corsham Court campus, set in a Grade One-listed Jacobean mansion in the bucolic Wiltshire landscape.

This year the themes will be ‘Text on Screens: Making, Discovering, Teaching’. We invite papers and presentations of creative works that focus on making digital work, including fiction, e-poetry, videopoetry; mobile, locative, and site specific forms; digital non-fiction, games, text-based digital art, and other electronic, hybrid forms. We invite papers and presentations of creative works that focus on discovering digital work, including publishing, curating, gate-keeping, distributing, discoverability, search, audience and performance. We invite papers and presentations that focus on pedagogy and pedagogical issues in the fields of ‘text on screens’, digital transformations and digital humanities.

Papers will be published in a peer-reviewed e-journal; further details to be announced in 2013; e-journal edition to be published in 2014.

Proposals are welcome on the topics including, but not limited to, the following:

What does it mean to put text on a screen?
What new forms of storytelling are emerging?
Does reader/writer interaction – via, for example, social media and social reading platforms – transform the work?
Is writing itself altered by digitisation?
Publishing, distributing, gatekeeping and curating digital forms
Discoverabilty and search in the digital landscape
Transliteracy and transmedia
New forms of narrative and narrativity
Audience, performativity, e-performance
Disruption and transformation of narrative forms
Pedagogy: how do we teach, collect, and distribute new forms to students?
As well as this, we invite practitioners to send in proposals for presentations or performances of their creative digital works.

Conference Committee: Katharine Reeve (BSU), Lucy English (BSU), Sarah Tremlett (artist), Kate Pullinger (BSU), and Donna Hancox (QUT).

Conference Keynote Speakers will include Naomi Alderman and Sophie Rochester.

Abstracts of up to 300 words should be sent to Lucy English at: 31st January, 2013.

Not Writing

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It’s 2013 and cold and sunny and I’m in the middle of one of those all-too-frequent, and hideous, periods of my life: waiting for the verdict on a new book.  These days I’m waiting to hear back from a small collection of agents and publishers - one agent, two publishers.  Whatever they say, whatever decisions are made, it is likely to lead to a second phase of waiting (more publishers), and then, if all goes well, a third phase of waiting although that third phase is a good phase: if the deals get done, waiting for the book to be published.  The waiting might be interspersed with periods of writing - perhaps a re-write, or an in-depth edit or two - but, really, the major writing on ‘Landing Gear’ is done.

Truth be told, I’ve been enjoying this phase of not writing my book.  Not writing is a great place to be.  I finished the penultimate draft of ‘Landing Gear’ in September, shortly before I started my new post at Bath Spa University.  It’s been wonderful not writing while getting my feet under the table at Bath Spa.  I’m also busy with the launch of The Writing Platform (click on the link to go to our brand new holding page - hooray!), so not writing has been great for that as well.  And over the next three months I have trips to NYC, Boston, Milan, and Vancouver planned, so not writing works well for that too.  The great thing about not writing is that it means you don’t have a huge thing occupying two thirds of your brain, you don’t have a huge thing sitting there, half on your shoulder, half on your desk.

Of course, the reality is I’ve been writing a lot: a number of Inanimate Alice photo stories, an article for the Royal Society of Literature’s magazine, a bunch of presentations, a couple of proposals, a grant application. And I will be writing more articles, presentations, grant applications, ‘Inanimate Alice’ photo-stories. Plus there’s that new idea for my next book/web project…

Not writing won’t last.  So I might as well enjoy it.