Landing Gear - Doubleday Random House Canada and Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, US

19 April 2013 in Landing Gear | Comments (0)

Hooray! My new novel, Landing Gear, is beginning to find its way in the world. In Canada, Doubleday Random House has bought it; at Doubleday I’m working with the wonderful Nita Pronovost. We had a great editorial session on the manuscript, and she sent me her copy of the edited manuscript through the post, pictured here with its ragged pages and detailed comments and suggestions in pencil. It is thrilling to work on a manuscript in this way, and wonderful to be given the actual hand-edited manuscript, and not a digital equivalent - the paper itself seems a thing of beauty to me, Nita’s editorial intelligence made physical on the page.

In the US, Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, who published The Mistress of Nothing, have bought Landing Gear. This is great news for me, and terrific to have that continuity. My new editor there is Heather Lazare. Heather and I met when I was in NY for TOC in February; she’s about to go off on maternity leave, so it is terrific to have her feedback on the novel before she heads off for a few months. I’ll do a new draft of the novel over the next month or so, though the changes at this stage will be minor.

The book will come out in both countries in May 2014. Traditional publishing still has a long lead time - if anything, it has got longer in recent years - and this is fine with me. I love this stage in the publishing process; I find working with editors very inspiring, and the business of deciding on covers, thinking about marketing, planning events, is also really interesting. Of course, Landing Gear has its digital companion pieces as well, and figuring out how to make the most of the already existing storyworld for the book - Flight Paths and my work-in-progress, Duel - will be part of the discussion over the next year.