Autumn 2014 Update

4 September 2014 in | Comments (0)

A bunch of news, all of it good. I keep the bad news to myself.

Letter to an Unknown Soldier came to a close on 4 August with nearly 21,500 letters submitted to the soldier. I can’t be more precise than that, as we still have the odd letter showing up, like the one I came across in my university pigeon-hole earlier this week. We were thrilled by the success of this project. I’ve never worked on anything so large, so inclusive, and so public before. Thanks to everyone who wrote to the soldier. Neil and I are currently working with William Collins, the history imprint at Harper Collins, on a book of selected letters; we’ll be able to include about 140 letters and the book will be published in November, in time for Remembrance Day.

I’m undertaking two book tours in Canada this autumn to promote Landing Gear: in the last two weeks of September I’ll be doing events at Eden Mills, Halifax, Hudson Quebec, and Kingston Ontario, and then in the last two weeks of October I’ll be in Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, White Rock, Milford Ontario, and Toronto. I’ll put all these events up in the Events section of the website.

Episode 5 of Inanimate Alice is nearly complete, and though we don’t have a date scheduled yet, it should launch sometime in October. As well as that, work is well underway on episode 6. Things are looking good for Alice - in episode 5 she’s 17 years old and still living in Hometown, episode 6, she’s 19 and in her first year at art school - and they are looking good for the overall project as well. We’re working on a new-look website as well - not ‘we’ as in ‘me’, but ‘we’ as in the talented Andy Campbell.

And I’m working hard on the new novel, which Doubleday commissioned earlier this year: working title, Okanagan Lake.

Back to school too with my ten - count ‘em - PhD students, who are all doing great things. And while I always find autumn a little heart-breaking - the nights getting longer, the leaves already beginning to fall, the weather deteriorating - I’m looking forward to it all.